BVI IAC Virtual Services

All BVI IAC services have been and continue to be available virtually. This is a progressive and modern resource that allows business continuity and assist parties and arbitrators globally to operate seamlessly irrelevant of circumstances.

The BVI IAC operates through a cloud-based, secured IT infrastructure, and from inception has supported online dispute resolution remotely and seamlessly. As a result, the Centre can:

  • support clients to transition their existing or new arbitrations to a virtual set-up;
  • initiate appointing authority cases;
  • provide practical and affordable fundholding services;
  • provide expert determination services; or
  • a combination of the above.

Whether client need to move to fully integrated virtual proceedings or would rather adopt an hybrid model whereby they use our facilities and our virtual tools, the BVI IAC provides technical support before and during CMCs, hearings, including technical rehearsals, monitoring, and enhanced cyber-security measures.

The BVI IAC partners with leading experts to offer users a comprehensive range of integrated virtual services, including live transcription, live translation, electronic presentation of evidence, e-bundles and document management. Said virtual services may be used for arbitrations administered by the BVI IAC and those that are not.

Please do not hesitate to contact ARBITRATION@BVIIAC.ORG directly for further information. 

Our virtual services include:

  • Video conferencing: IP-based and could-based video conferencing systems together with the infrastructure to work on additional systems as appropriate.
  • Audio conferencing: tested technology and high-speed connectivity
  • Transcription: Onsite and remote real-time transcription services across different locations
  • Interpretation: Simultaneous interpretation services, onsite or remote attendance
  • Document management services (e-bundles, electronic presentation of evidence, etc.)

The BVI IAC will help organize, coordinate, test and moderate all processes to ensure that all parties can participate fully and easily.

Please do not hesitate to contact ARBITRATION@BVIIAC.ORG directly for further information.