External Relations

The BVI IAC is committed to effectively engaging the international dispute resolution community—through cooperation with other arbitral institutions, and through academic and professional outreach.

The BVI IAC is keen to agree cooperation agreements with other arbitral institutions around the world and other organization to promote mutual assistance and the sharing of expertise.

Please do get in touch at info@bviiac.org


Please check this page to keep abreast of future events. We would also recommend registration to our mailing list. Throughout the year, BVI IAC will host various talks, seminars, conferences and other public relations events. Please do stay connected.

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Useful Links

BVI IAC aims to partner with businesses and organisations, both locally and internationally to provide the most convenient arbitration experience for its users. Listed below are a selection of websites which you will find useful.

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Enjoying the BVI

While you are coming to the BVI for an arbitration, you should still take time to enjoy what “Nature’s Little Secret” has to offer as one of the best destinations in the world. You have now handled business, please take time to unwind and relax.

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