BVI IAC Lunch Seminar On: Assessment of Damages

BVI IAC Lunch Workshop Series

Topic: Assessment of Damages

Date: October 25, 2017

Time: 11:45am - 2:00pm

Entry: $25 per person (includes lunch)

Location: BVI IAC – Jost Van Dyke Hearing Room

Featured Speaker(s):

Diego Brian Gosis, Partner at GSTLLP

Event Summary:

The presentation and analysis of damage calculations is as precise a science as it is a difficult art. The many complications involved start by the definition of the compensation standard, the way in which those standards operate in the particular context of the specific damages sought -business losses, contractual penalties, pending prices, additional costs, and even the value of going concerns, in some cases-. 

A second layer of complication lies in the different valuation methodologies available to cater to the application of those standards to those damages, and on top of that we still have the most difficult task of all: reviewing usually imperfect information, presented with varying degrees of success and attention by counsel and experts, and which sometimes represents a rather exhausting body of evidence for the tribunal.

We will review each of these discrete angles, while catering to the more general question of how much uncertainty is to be tolerated in the calculation of damages, and what types of uncertainty will and will not be acceptable. The discussion will be start from a legal perspective, but some elements of actual valuation techniques will be reviewed, to generate a practical, useful debate with the audience."

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