BVI IAC Technology

The BVI IAC’s state-of-the-art technology, which includes secure cloud-based infrastructure, supports seamless online dispute resolution, conferences and various events. The Centre’s core Audio/Video infrastructure is based on Dante technology with a Crestron interface, and it allows the Centre to provide virtual meetings and hearings without interruption.

Through its fully remote or hybrid events and full dispute resolution capabilities, the Centre is uniquely equipped to:

•         support clients in transitioning their existing or new arbitrations to a virtual set-up;

•         initiate appointing authority cases;

•         provide practical and affordable fundholding services;

•         offer expert determination services; or

•         any combination of the items above.

The BVI IAC’s technical support and tools include secured laptops, 4K webcams, professional microphones, audio/video integration and streaming capabilities to help clients optimize their remote experience.

The BVI IAC also partners with leading experts to provide a comprehensive range of integrated remote arbitration services, including live transcription, live translation, electronic presentation of evidence, e-bundles and document management.