Join Our Panel

Criteria and Application Procedure:

Persons wishing to apply must demonstrate an appropriate level of expertise and experience in international arbitration and be of good standing and character. In general, applicants will be required to meet the preferred standards set out below

  • at least 8 years post qualification experience
  • a fellowship from the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, or any comparable professional arbitration institute
  • experience as an arbitrator in five or more cases
  • completed at least two commercial arbitral awards

BVI IAC reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to admit or to refuse the admission of any person to the Panel. In exercising its discretion, BVI IAC will have regard to, inter alia, the qualifications, experience and standing of an applicant as well as to the number of arbitrators currently on the Panel from the country in which the applicant is resident. 

If you wish to make an application, please send the completed application form below. In addition, you may want to send us a full CV as well as a picture by email at

Panel Application Form Download PDF