BVI IAC Schedule of Fees

This Schedule of fees and costs applies to the following services as of 16 November 2021. All amounts are subject to change from time to time by the BVI IAC, subject to publication on the BVI IAC website. The BVI International Arbitration Centre reserves the right to adjust filing fees considering the number of cases filed with the BVI IAC on a given year.

Administration Fees

Arbitrator's Fees


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BVI IAC Administration Fees

  1. Non-refundable Registration Fee (payable in advance with the Notice of Arbitration: Article 3 of the Rules): US$1,500
  2. Time spent by the Secretariat in the administration of the arbitration is charged ad valorem, in accordance with the fee calculator available on the BVI IAC website. 
  3. Acting as an Appointing Authority - non-refundable processing fee: US$2,500
  4. Acting as a Fundholder: as per BVI IAC website rates.
  5. Provision of Hearing/Meeting Facilities: as per BVI IAC website rates.
  6. Support and Concierge Services for and in connection with any hearing (e.g., equipment, transcription and interpretation services): reasonable market rates. 


Note: BVI IAC will charge a minimum administration fee of US$2,500 payable for all cases, unless the Secretariat otherwise determines. Administration fees are calculated based on the hourly rates applicable to the different levels within the Secretariat. Administration fees are capped at US$75,000 for disputes above US$100,000,000. These administration fees do not include the following:

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Arbitrator's Fees

The arbitral tribunal’s fees shall be calculated in accordance with the following table. The fees calculated in accordance with the table represent the maximum amount payable to each arbitrator (excluding tribunal secretary fees and expenses, if applicable).

Sum in Dispute (US$) Arbitrators’ Fees (US$)
Up to 50,000 4,500
50,001 to 100,000 4,500 + 13.500% excess over 50,000
100,001 to 500,000 9,500 + 6.500% excess over 100,000
500,001 to 1,000,000 28,000 + 4.800% excess over 500,000
1,000,001 to 2,000,000 45,000 + 2.700% excess over 1,000,000
2,000,001 to 5,000,000 65,000 + 1.200% excess over 2,000,000
5,000,001 to 10,000,000 90,000 + 0.700% excess over 5,000,000
10,000,001 to 50,000,000 115,000 + 0.300% excess over 10,000,000
50,000,001 to 80,000,000 200,000 + 0.150% excess over 50,000,000
80,000,001 to 100,000,000 240,000 + 0.075% excess over 80,000,000
100,000,001 to 500,000,000 250,000 + 0.065% excess over 100,000,000
Above 500,000,000 430,000 + 0.040% excess over 500,000,000 up to a maximum of 1,500,000

Note: The Tribunal’s fees may also include a charge for the time reserved but not used as a result of late postponement or cancellation of hearings, provided that the basis for such charge shall be advised in writing to, and approved by, the BVI IAC and that the parties have been informed in advance.

Where, with the consent of the parties, the arbitral tribunal appoints a secretary, such secretary shall be remunerated at a rate which shall not exceed US$250 per hour.

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How Do I Pay?

Payments may be made by a local cheque payable to “BVI International Arbitration Centre” or by bank transfer to our bank account. Please follow the link below for our bank details.

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