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The cost calculator allows parties to estimate the likely cost of a BVI IAC Arbitration, according to BVI IAC’s schedule of fees. The cost calculator will generate the amounts for the IAC's administrative fees and for the arbitrators' fees. It does not generate an estimate of other expenses (i.e. disbursements).

The estimation has no legal implications and should not be considered as necessarily reflecting what the Secretariat will fix in any given case.

BVI IAC will charge a minimum administration fee of US$2,500, payable for all cases, unless the Registrar otherwise determines.

Note: The above fees do not include expenses incurred for the arbitration (e.g. Tribunal’s and BVI IAC’s expenses). Parties may be asked to provide additional deposits to cover any such expenses and/or disbursements. As a general guide only, BVI IAC may ask for an additional deposit in the form of a 15% mark-up on the estimated maximum fee to account for such expenses and/or disbursements. BVI IAC may also ask for additional deposits over and above these amounts in cases which may require additional expenses and/or disbursements.

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