VIRTUAL Mock Arbitration Hearing



Join the BVI International Arbitration and friends on October 27th, at 10:00 am (EST)as we host a live Virtual Mock Arbitration hearing to demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of virtual hearings’.

Virtual hearings have always been a controversial topic within the arbitration field and have become even more topical in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic.  While virtual hearings are not a new concept, many practitioners continue to have concerns over privacy, security and ease of use. Given the impact Covid19 has and will continue to have on travel, virtual platform are and will become the new normal for arbitration proceedings, at least in the short to midterm future.   

The BVI IAC has provided its services virtually or for hybrid hearings since its inception and wants you to witness the benefits of the technology we offer first-hand.  The mock hearing is based on a case scenario and is designed to address both the practical and procedural issues which frequently arise when using virtual platforms. The hearing will be conducted under the UNCITRAL Model Law and BVIIAC Arbitration Rules, electronic copies of which will be provided to the parties together with a summary of the case scenario on which the mock hearing is based.

Please join the BVI IAC and moderators Shan M. Greer and Calvin A. Hamilton for a 2 hours mock virtual hearing. The roles will be handled by a roster of experienced arbitration practitioners as follow:

Tribunal: Natalie Reid (Chair), Sir Dennis Byron (Party-Appointed Arbitrator), Janet Walker (Party-Appointed Arbitrator)

Counsel: Gregory Pantin of  M. Hamel-Smith & Co (Claimant), Tameka Davis  of Conyers (Respondent)

Expert: Jodi-Ann Stephenson

Moderators: Calvin A. HamiltonShan M. Greer, Francois Lassalle

Live Transcription: WorldWide Reporting, LLP

BVI IAC Technical Support: Shantel Gray


Tuesday 27th October, 10am - 12pm EST