Webinar: Experts in Arbitration

Experts in Arbitration

An introductory session focussing on the role and responsibilities of experts in the arbitration process, including appointment, independence, disclosure, efficiency and reports. Designed with arbitration experts in mind, we also welcome the attendance of arbitrators, counsel, students and others with an interest in ADR and arbitration practice. 

Baria Ahmed Biography: 

Baria Ahmed is a UK qualified barrister, arbitrator, mediator and ADR consultant. With a highly varied ADR practice, Baria has helped clients across the spectrum resolve their disputes, including construction and engineering, banking and finance, partnership and shareholder, insurance and employment/workplace matters. Separately, she has designed and delivered ADR training programs and workshops for clients worldwide, including mediation skills training, negotiation and communication, ADR advocacy, conflict management and related fields. With a keen interest in cultural and jurisdictional influences on ADR, Baria has undertaken substantial research into comparative practices, working with international donors and development agencies such as the World Bank, IFC, UNDP, Inter-American Development Bank and the EU. Most recently, and following completion of her remit to establish and launch the Arbitration and Mediation Court of the Caribbean (AMCC) in Barbados, Baria stepped down as the institution’s founding Director General in December 2018.