3rd Dr. J. S. Archibald, Q.C. Memorial Lecture

Wendy Miles, QC will be delivering the Third Dr. J. S. Archibald, Q.C. Memorial Lecture on arbitration during the third BVI Arbitration Conference on Tuesday, November 19th evening. The theme of the lecture will be: "BVI: A Frontline Focus for Resolving Future Climate Change Related Disputes"

Venue: BVI International Arbitration Centre

Time: 19:00 to 20:30 followed by a cocktail reception sponsored by the BVI IAC and the BVI Bar Association.

Registration: This is a FREE OPEN EVENT, no need for registration.

The Dr. J. S. Archibald, Q.C. Memorial Lecture is a biennial event recognising the relentless and sterling efforts of the late Dr. J. S. Archibald, QC, a giant of BVI jurisprudence, who made enormous contributions to the development of a modern arbitration regime in the British Virgin Islands.  

As a world jurist and international arbitrator, Dr. Archibald, Q.C. supported the idea of modernizing the BVI’s arbitration regime to a standard comparable to those established by renowned international arbitration centres. He ensured that the Arbitration Act, 2013 would reflect a legal framework that promoted flexibility in arbitrating disputes, promoted the speedy resolution of disputes with limited court interference, gave prominence to the interests of the arbitrating parties, and prevented unnecessary restriction in the grant of awards and costs to the arbitrating parties. The Act was also designed to enable the arbitration of both domestic and international disputes.

The Rt. Hon. Lord Goldsmith, P.C, Q.C. delivered the inaugural lecture in 2015 -  “A Brave New World - Can the new Arbitration Centre knock New York, London and Paris off their Perch?”  In 2017, the second lecture was delivered by John Beechey, CBE under the theme "Mood Music for Arbitration".

This year’s lecture will be delivered by Wendy Miles QC, a leading figure in climate change dispute resolution.

The JS Archibald QC Memorial Lecture is a free public event.