Open Roundtable Discussion: Strategies for Engaging the Caribbean Commercial Bar in Arbitration

Caribbean Arbitrators presents an Open Roundtable Discussion: Strategies for Engaging the Caribbean Commercial Bar in Arbitration

Wednesday, 20 November 2019,  13:30 – 15:30 pm, BVI International Arbitration Centre


Leaders in commercial arbitration from several Caribbean jurisdictions will participate in a moderated roundtable discussion to brainstorm on practical and effective strategies and tactics to engage members of the commercial bars in Caribbean jurisdictions in arbitration.

One of the challenges facing all Caribbean (and many other) jurisdictions is how to engage commercial litigation practitioners in commercial arbitration.

One of the questions being asked by commercial litigation practitioners in the Caribbean is why should they get more involved in commercial arbitration?

Understandably, commercial arbitration is new and unfamiliar to many of them.

Why is it in their professional self-interest to become more knowledgeable and comfortable with arbitration? Where are there new opportunities? How can they benefit – financially and in their job satisfaction? How can they do that, while remaining focused on their bread and butter commercial litigation practices? Why this is a critical time do so?

Moderators: The Honourable Barry Leon and Dancia Penn, OBE QC, Caribbean Arbitrators


Jonathan Addo (Harneys, BVI)

Bertha Cooper-Rousseau (Rousseau & Cooper, The Bahamas) [to be confirmed]

Tameka Davis (Conyers Dill & Pearman, BVI)

Shan Greer (Floissac Fleming & Associates, St. Lucia)

Calvin Hamilton (Hamilton Abogados, Barbados)

Francois Lassalle (CEO, BVI International Arbitration Centre)

Chris Malcolm (Malcolm Gordon, and Faculty of Law at Mona, University of the West Indies, Jamaica)

Andrew Pullinger (Campbells, Cayman)

Salma Rahaman (Trinidad) 

Rose Rameau (Rameau Law Firm, Washington DC)

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