Hurricane Irma & Maria Update


Hurricane Irma passed through the British Virgin Islands on 6 September 2017 and inflicted widespread damage. Two weeks later on 20 September 2017, Hurricane Maria passed through the territory causing further damage to the already devastated islands. We are delighted to report that all of our employees who were on island during the passage of the hurricane have been accounted for. Despite the level of devastation, the people of the British Virgin Islands display a strong sense of resilience. We are confident the BVI will swiftly recover, stronger than ever.

Our Facilities & Institution

The BVI IAC has been very fortunate throughout both hurricanes having sustained only two cracked windows. Our business continuity plans have been executed and all critical business systems and operations are functioning. As one of few fully operational facilities in the territory, boasting redundancy in connectivity (two working DIAs), the BVI IAC has made temporary space available for critical government offices including the National Emergency Operational Centre (NEOC), the Premier, the Governor, and the Judiciary.

From an institutional standpoint, the BVI IAC is operational. The registrar is currently working remotely and our team on the ground is able to function normally.

Our Clients
We have received many messages of support from friends and clients of the BVI IAC, for which we are truly appreciative. Given the current situation in the territory, clients with bookings that would have taken place between September and December should contact the Ms. Janette Brin, Centre Manager at for re-bookings or deposit refunds.

BVI Financial Services
The BVI Financial Services Commission has confirmed that its online company registration portal, VIRRGIN, has been restored. Significant progress has been made to return to business as usual. The financial services industry in the BVI was built to allow people to do BVI business from anywhere in the world and to continue operations regardless of the physical conditions in the jurisdiction.

Commercial Court Resumption
The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court announced the temporary relocation of the Commercial Division of the High Court to St Lucia, where the Court of Appeal is based. Provision has also been made for electronic filing.